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Who am I?

After analysis, I can say that I am a calm, kind, patient person who spends my time observing the world around me, observing their reactions and then analyzing them. I believe that mentality makes me who I am today. The reactions of others, positive or negative, serve as an example to improve myself.

The question I often ask myself is why am I constantly striving for improvement when others don’t.

Why the site

One of the main sources of information for many people these days is the internet. I myself am a very large consumer of it. Passionate about culture, history, politics, sport, technology, any type of knowledge whatsoever, I quickly realized that a simple access to the internet and a computer not enough for me. I am someone who is constantly looking for the truth, who likes to understand who loves to debate any subject. Very often, I come across a subject, like everyone else “google search”, we come across a panoply of information. You read, having a critical mind, often you doubt so you keep looking. This search can take very long hours and ultimately continue to doubt the information. I got the idea, why not be able to debate with anyone around the world on the subject. I will probably come across at least one person who has a better grasp of the subject who will allow me to clarify my ideas through questions and discussions. I then decided to create the site factcheckinglounge.ca. A site on which we can share information, a site on which a forum exists and that the world can ask their question, a site on which any citizen of the world can circulate information of his choice and helps the citizen at the other end of the world to enrich himself with knowledge and especially to take an interest in a subject that he was probably not going to think about. All cultures are welcome, we are used to it being always the news of a minority circulating or visible, I greatly wish to discover the lost corners of the world that the popular media may never cover .

Apart from debates and discussions, this is also a site where you will be able to find a whole series of information on a multitude of different subjects. Once again, the public will be able to share topics that are important to them on our home page.