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A quarter of all known bee species haven’t been seen since the 1990s

Giant Patagonian bumblebees used to be abundant in Chile and Argentina, but are now an uncommon sight Eduardo E. Zattara LIFE 22 January 2021 (https://www.newscientist.com/article/2265680-a-quarter-of-all-known-bee-species-havent-been-seen-since-the-1990s/) By Karina Shah The number of bee species recorded worldwide has been sharply decreasing since the 1990s. Eduardo Zattara and Marcelo Aizen at ...

Artificial Intelligence Apocalypse | More Myth Than Reality – newworldai

Artificial Intelligence, Steven Pinker Steven Pinker believes there’s some interesting gender psychology at play when it comes to the robopocalypse. Could artificial intelligence become evil or are alpha male scientists just projecting? “I think that the arguments that once we have super-intelligent computers and robots they will inevitably want to take over and do away with us comes from Promethe...

Would you MARRY a Robot? – newworldai

Artificial intelligence will allow people to find lasting love with machines, expert claims..Robots could soon become intimate companions for humans and some people may even seek to marry them as they become more human-like. While there are fears robots may rise up to take over the world if artificial intelligence progresses too quickly, some of us may find ourselves simply marrying machines in th...

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