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Arianna Rosenbluth Dies at 93; Pioneering Figure in Data Science

Dr. Arianna Wright Rosenbluth in 2013. She helped create what has become one of the most important algorithms of all time. Credit…via Rosenbluth family By Katie Hafner  Feb. 9, 2021 –The New York Times (https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/09/science/arianna-wright-dead.html) Dr. Rosenbluth, who received her physics Ph.D. at 21, helped create an algorithm that has became a foundation of understanding huge quantities of data. She died of complications of the coronavirus. The Metropolis algorithm, a technique for generating random samplings, started out as a way to understand a fundamental problem: how atoms rearrange themselves as solids melt. Over the decades, the Metropolis algorithm and its subsequent variations have been put to a vast number of uses and now serve as an underpinni...