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China reportedly demanded that big Chinese tech companies like Alibaba process stolen US data for the nation’s top spies upon request-businessinsider

Madoka Ikegami – Pool/Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Business Insider Katie Canales China has demanded that the nation’s tech companies process stolen data for Chinese intelligence agencies upon request, according to a Wednesday report from Foreign Policy. The outlet spoke to 36 US officials who said the arrangement represents the “commercial wing” of the Communist Party. Authorities are able to view data stolen in breaches like the 2015 attack on the US Office of Personnel Management, as well as the attacks on Marriot, Equifax, and Anthem. One source told the outlet that it would be like if the CIA stole data for insight into the Chinese government and gave it to “Google or Amazon or Microsoft” to process before handing it off to US officials. The stolen da...